EVERURN is the personal way to remember, and to be remembered.

A cremation urn that adapts to your needs, everurn creates a memorial as unique as the loved ones that we remember. Its natural, novel design facilitates helps you keep or scatter ashes, and it can live on as a memorial planter.

Don't rush difficult decisions.

Will you keep the ashes? For how long? Will you scatter them later?
There's a lot to deal with after cremation. Rushing important decisions is unecessary with the everurn - the right choice whatever you might want to do.


Keep ashes securely for weeks, years, or generations in a simple, all-natural ceramic and cork urn.


If you want to, and when you (or your children, or grandchildren) are ready, you can scatter directly from the everurn.


After scattering the everurn can be used as a memorial planter, so you can continue to remember.


Each everurn is built from the bark of a living cork tree, combined with natural English clays. Handmade in the UK, each everurn is an individual.

The natural power of cork.

The everurn exploits the unique strengths of cork to give you total flexibility in making decisions that are right for you and your family, while keeping the ashes secure for as long as you need.

To have and to hold.

The everurn can be carried easily, with the option of hanging from natural rope handles for scattering or as a hanging memorial planter.

Keep it personal.

If you wish, the everurn can be decorated to give your memorial truly special. Hang photos from it, attach personal items, or use it as a blank canvas for temporary or permanent decoration on the ceramic surface.

EVERURN is in the final stages of development, and will be ready for purchase soon.

Contact info@everurn.com for more information or to pre-order.